Finding a good plumber in Johannesburg can be a confusing issue, with so many around. You have listened to your neighbours, friends and family and yet you are still unable to find the right plumber for you. However once you have found the right plumber, you should have a relationship for life. There are various sources to finding a plumber like the local newspaper; pamphlets or online services.

What you should be looking for when hiring a plumber in Johannesburg

Length of time in business
This is an obvious one – age definitely brings experience. Over the years a company will build a proven track record and no company remains in business for very long if the service and quality of workmanship is not up to par. A long standing business always hires the right professionals to get the work done.

Request references
Talking with past customers is one of the best ways to accurately check the quality of the plumber’s work. If the workmanship was outstanding people do love to talk about it. Beware the plumber who will not provide a reference, it is time to look elsewhere. Google now allows references which can be a great source for referrals.

Warranty and guarantees
Workmanship and parts should be included in a guarantee, unless you supplied your own parts. Some plumbers do allow that if it is a specialised part that you require. All plumbers should guarantee their work, including the parts. By offering guarantees it shows confidence in one’s workmanship, so if they do not guarantee their work RUN!

Communication skills
You might think this is an odd piece of advice, but if you cannot communicate correctly who knows what the end result may be. Good communication between the plumber and homeowner will result in getting the job done right the first time.

Associations and licences
There are various standard associations in South Africa for licenced plumbers. Ask your plumber if they are members, this will give you confidence that they are licenced and following the correct standard of workmanship.

Pricing and quotes
If it is not an emergency and you have the time to source quotes, ask at least 3 different plumbers. A good plumber in Johannesburg will know the spec of the job and give you an accurate quote barring any major problems. Be a little bit weary of a quote that is too low, it could mean that they are using inferior parts.

When it comes to hiring a plumber in Johannesburg your decision should not be taken lightly. Your plumber will be responsible for important aspects of your home maintenance and repair. Hiring a high-quality and experienced plumber can result in long term savings and the knowledge that the job has been done well. Don’t be afraid to question a potential plumber, you will gain more knowledge on specifics and prevent those horrible surprises later on. After the work is completed and you are thrilled with the work, make sure you keep their number on hand; you never know when you are going to need an emergency plumber in Johannesburg.