LPG Gas has gone form being used where there’s no grid electrical supply – to being used as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to grid power. Today, it’s common for LPG gas systems to be installed to supplement solar power solutions as well as grid power. It is beneficial for domestic, industrial and commercial use, but increasingly so for many businesses in SA – from small to large.

LPG Gas for Effective Business:

Restaurants! This is the obvious one. Many restaurants already use gas stoves and cookers for culinary reasons. Many chefs prefer using gas.
In South Africa in particular, having gas hobs ensures restaurants can continue serving customers during load-shedding blackouts. But what about other businesses?

Manufacturing workshops: Gas can be used in various industrial and manufacturing processes to supplement energy production. For large manufacturing, piped gas is a better source. However, small manufacturers can use LPG gas in their workshops.

Offices: The use of LP gas is not usually associated with office situations. However, gas boilers and gas hops in office kitchens can save on electrical bills – from a little to a lot, depending on the size of staff pool. Using gas can also help take the pressure off solar system batteries when solar has been installed to keep the business going during blackouts.

Save on overheads, and add to cashflow, with LP Gas:

Using LPG gas will save on power overheads to varying degrees. Even businesses that use a lot of LPG gas, requiring frequent bottle refills, will save money. When LPG gas is the only thing that can keep the doors to your business open when others are forced to close – the effectiveness is undeniable.

Bulk tank supplies are easily available for business that use a lot of gas, and gas installations can be tailored to any business needs. This helps to make LPG gas an effective commercial solution in South Africa. Always make sure that your gas installations are gas compliant and done by a professional. Just goes to show that LPG Gas for Effective Business might be the way to go.