Doing anything with gas installation – from gas lines to appliances – is potentially very dangerous if it’s not done with care. Gas is volatile and if you are making any form of repair, replacement or addition to your gas installations, you need to do it with respect for what you are working with.

Done properly, professionally, with the right equipment and know-how, and with the utmost caution, adding extensions to gas lines is possible, and safe.

What can go wrong if you try to extend a gas line yourself – and other considerations:

  • The most obvious thing that could go wrong is a gas leak. This may lead to an explosion. In fact, it’s inevitable that at some point, a gas leak will cause an explosion if it goes undetected.
  • A gas leak that is detected in time means calling in the repair squad. This will cost you. It’s better to get your extensions to existing gas lines done by professionals in gas line installations at the outset. ‘Spend money to save money’ as they say.
  • It’s illegal to extend a gas line yourself as any work with gas equipment is subject to safety regulations and compliance. Gas lines are widespread in other countries such the UK and the USA, but here in South Africa, they are relatively new additions to the ‘gas power network’.
  • If you go ahead and do it anyway (and something happens), you may find that your insurance will not pay out.
    If any gas explosion affects or injures others, or damages other property, you will face heavy liabilities.

All in all – it’s safe to add extensions to existing gas lines if you get a gas installation professional to do it, but not if you try to do it yourself. It’s simply not a D-I-Y option.