Before you carry on reading…….. If you think you have a “burst” or leaking geyser PLEASE

  • Turn it off at the mains on your Distribution Board.
  • Find your main water supply and close the tap

Generally speaking geysers do not burst, we should classify “burst” into a serious leak, corrosion or possibly a burst pipe. There are many different components to a geyser and one of them could be the reason for geyser malfunction.
Your geyser is actually supposed to leak, with the average dripping amounting to approximately 7 to 12 litres of water per day, dependent on the household usage. This is due to the normal operation of the pressure relieve valve that regulates the internal pressure of the geyser. The pressure valves job is to reduce the municipal water pressure to a pressure that can be handled by the geyser located in your residence.

How to tell if your Geyser has burst or malfunctioning

  • Firstly the obvious one, you look up and there is water seeping through your ceiling. No doubt here, it really is time to contact a plumber.
  • If you notice that the drip from the overflow has now become a constant stream, it is a sign that one of your geyser components is malfunctioning.
  • Steam coming from the overflow could be a sign that the thermostat is failing. This can cause the water to boil allowing the temperature safety valve to open.
  • The electricity keeps on tripping and you cannot find the source. Turn off all the switches on your DB panel and turn them back on one by one. If it trips when you turn your geyser on, it may be a sign of an element malfunction.
  • A lack of hot water could be the result of the geyser thermostat or element malfunctioning.

Your geyser and its parts must comply with South Africa National Standards 10254 installation specifications, so it is essential to have any repairs or replacement done by a certified plumber. Attempting to fix a geyser yourself could result in self injury and could affect your home owners insurance. Contact your policy holder and find out where you stand with geyser malfunction. Rather be safe and know that an important household appliance was attended to by a professional.