While wood fireplaces are often romanticized, the truth is that they’re oftentimes more work than they’re worth. From chopping wood to building fires and cleaning up ash, there’s no denying that wood fireplaces are difficult to keep up. Give a thought to the environment as well, no more decimation of trees and wafting smoke, saving one of our countries most beautiful resources. That’s one of the reasons why gas fireplaces are becoming more popular. However, gas fireplaces are in more demand today than even central heating. Here’s why:

Gas fireplaces are easy to use

All you need to do to operate a gas fireplace is flip a switch. It’s that easy!

Gas fireplaces are affordable
Did you know that using a gas fireplace can save you up to 25% on your home’s electricity bill? This is because gas fireplaces allow for “zone heating,” which is the practice of warming certain rooms in your home without turning on central heat, which would operate in every room and cost much more money.

No clean up needed
Unlike with wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces don’t produce any ash or dust, which means they don’t require any clean up!

Gas fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing
Unlike bulky central heating units, gas fireplaces can be made in a plethora of sleek and modern designs. You can enjoy the romantic look and feel of an authentic fireplace without all of the clean up!

If you’re interested in installing a gas fireplace in your home, the only people who you should hire to do the job should be licensed gas installers. If someone isn’t experienced in handling gas, they could put you and everyone in your home at risk. Gas leaks can be deadly, which is why hiring licensed and experienced gas installers like those at White Law Plumbing and Gas- is extremely important.

Beautiful Minimalist Design

Design that looks like real wood